Proud of our North East roots, our quality products and our exceptional service.


From our head office and depot in Tyne and Wear, North East England we supply fuel, lubricants and heating products to homes, businesses and farms across the UK. We are proud of our heritage and through supplying quality products and exceptional service, have built an enviable reputation.

Our core business is regional and the North East is at the heart of our operations. Our head office is perfectly placed to serve customers from Northumberland to Teesside and throughout County Durham, Hexham and the Tyne Valley.

As a leading supplier of fuel, lubricants and solid fuel for over thirty years we have maintained our position in the market by offering the highest standards of service and products and building long lasting customer relationships.

We understand our customers, which is why we’ll always go the extra mile to make sure your delivery arrives when you need it – whatever the weather.

We’re also a multiple award-winning Jet distributor which guarantees the supply of high quality fuel, high safety standards and first class customer service at all times.


As an independently owned business, we are adaptable, flexible and agile. Responding quickly to industry changes and customer demand. As specialists in our field, we have the knowledge and expertise to innovate and grow.

We invest in our people, our business and our vehicles. From our training programme to operating the cleanest Euro category fuel delivery vehicles and the most efficient route planning, we continually move our business forward.

With sustainability a core concern for the industry we are embracing the technology of future fuels. We are investing in the infrastructure to deliver alternative green fuels, such as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil and have achieved a Platinum award from UKIFDA.
Par Petroleum UKIFDA approved distributor
Putting health and safety first
Our working practices consistently meet or exceed the very highest standards in health and safety. Our stringent focus on quality assurance has led us to win numerous industry awards, including the prestigious UK & Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) Depot of the Year award six times, including in 2016. Par Petroleum is the only company in the UK to receive this award on six separate occasions, which is a testament to the standards we set and keep. We also carry a zero incidents record, which means we’ve operated for 1,000 days or more without incident or injury. All of our drivers are ADR and CPC trained and all have PDP passports – the gold standard when it comes to safety and security in fuel handling. They all undergo rigorous training before working with us as well as regular re-assessment. On top of this, we’ve invested heavily in our award-winning, modern and secure site which features top of the range loading systems including advanced volume gauges for accuracy and safety.
Taking care of our environment
We believe it’s extremely important to do all we can to look after our environment. That is why we work hard to minimise our environmental impact in everything we do. Our emphasis is on fuel efficiency at all times, using intelligent route planning technology and driver experience to minimise our mileage and reduce our carbon footprint as far as possible – using our fleet to its maximum efficiency, eliminating dead miles and energy wastage. The majority of our vehicles are also fitted with the latest, most advanced engines and meet Euro 6 emissions standards. We carry out rainwater harvesting and operate a solar farm at our Durham depot and we’ve fitted special drainage under the site to safely remove any run-off liquids and protect the surrounding environment. Our green credentials have helped us to secure Platinum award status from the UK & Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) and win the prestigious Depot of the Year award six times.