AdBlue® fuel additive to keep your fleet running

As well as quality fuel products we also sell fuel additives such as AdBlue®.  AdBlue® is an odourless, colourless diesel exhaust fluid, legally required to be used in vehicles with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. This is to reduce exhaust emissions to the acceptable levels set by the government to lessen the impact on global warming. It is non-hazardous and can be delivered safely to your premises.

Par Petroleum Tanker

What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue is a solution of high-purity synthetic urea and de-mineralised water which converts nitrogen oxide into steam and nitrogen. AdBlue is not added to the vehicle fuel but works alongside it through a modified section of the exhaust.

Why choose AdBlue® from Par Petroleum?

The AdBlue® we supply has been manufactured to ISO 22241 international standard. This quality ensures your vehicle is protected from contamination and remains running efficiently. We also have an experienced customers support team who can assist you with the ordering process, how much AdBlue® to order and the recommended re-order window.

Our AdBlue® service works around your needs, from a single purchase of a 1000 litre Intermediate Bulk container (IBC) to a long term partnership of supply, we have you covered. We can supply across the UK, at very competitive rates and we also don’t charge a fee to refill when supplying AdBlue® to a Par Petroleum purchased IBC.

Don’t have a Par Petroleum IBC? Don’t worry, we offer a tank top up service so we can refill your existing container. This means you receive the same great service for AdBlue® as our other fuels.

How much AdBlue® do I need to order?

AdBlue® consumption depends on the number of miles the vehicle is driven along with driving style. However, as a guide, the estimated usage for commercial vehicles will be between 5-10% of its diesel usage. If you are unsure, a member of our customer care team will be able to advise.

How to order

You can order AdBlue® from Par Petroleum via our contact form or by calling our customer support team on 0191 385 8001.