At Par Petroleum, we know how important fuel is to your farming business.

We’ve been proudly supplying fuels and lubricants to the farming industry for more than 30 years and we understand what matters to you most. We know exactly how important harvest time is, which is why we’re geared up to work around the clock during those crucial weeks so you get your fuel in a matter of hours. And we’ll always go the extra mile to make sure your delivery gets through, no matter what the weather. Even in the worst wintry conditions, we’re on the road, keeping our promise to you. When you buy from us, you can be confident you’re dealing with a reliable and professional family-run company that really cares and delivers every time. We know you have a busy schedule and that’s why we have introduced automatic top-ups to ensure you have the quantity of fuel you need to run your business.

Gas Oil
This is suitable for use in plant machinery, tractors and pleasure craft. It can also be used for commercial heating. It MUST NOT be used as road fuel. Gas Oil (ULSG) Data Sheet
Kerosene (Kero)

This can be used for domestic heating and any other heat raising application including agricultural crop drying. Our minimum delivered quantity is 500ltrs. Kerosene (Kero) Data Sheet

Ultra-Low Sulphur Road Diesel (DERV)
Can be used in any road going diesel engine vehicle. Road Diesel (DERV) Data Sheet

AdBlue® is an additive needed by certain diesel engine vehicles to reduce exhaust emissions to the acceptable levels required by law. We sell AdBlue® in bulk and can also supply all relevant pumps. We are a Greenox Authorised Distributor of AdBlue® and can offer advice and help on your AdBlue® needs. AdBlue® Data Sheet

Lube Oil
We are authorised distributors of Morris Lubricants. We offer a vast range of commercial, agricultural and industrial lubricating oils and greases available in 25ltr cans, 205ltr drums and 1000ltr IBCs. What oil do I need?

We supply a range of additives to ensure your tank remains operationally efficient and performing at optimum levels. Learn more about how to keep your tank clean here.

Par Petroleum UKIFDA approved distributor