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Solid Fuels

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Choose from house coal or certified smokeless fuel (Beamish Brite).

Our solid fuels are available directly from our yard in 30kg bags, or can be delivered within a 20 mile radius when you order at least 12 bags. We also supply logs and kindling.

Par Petroleum solid fuels are also available via a network of retail outlets throughout the North East in handy carry home sized bags.

Ultra-Low Sulphur Gas Oil (ULSG)
This is suitable for use in plant machinery, tractors and pleasure craft. It can also be used for commercial heating. It MUST NOT be used as road fuel.

Gas Oil (ULSG) Data Sheet

Ultra-Low Sulphur Road Diesel (DERV)

Can be used in any road going diesel engine vehicle.

Road Diesel (DERV) Data Sheet

Unleaded Petrol (UNL)

We can supply this in bulk. Our minimum delivered quantity is 1000ltrs. Please note: You’ll need a suitable certified storage tank for this product.

Unleaded Petrol Data Sheet

Kerosene (Kero)

This can be used for domestic heating and any other heat raising application including agricultural crop drying. Our minimum delivered quantity is 500 ltrs.

Kerosene (Kero) Data Sheet

Industrial Heating Oil (IHO)
This is a great alternative for customers currently burning gas oil to generate heat, as it is a more cost effective product.

It is completely compatible with gas oil and can be put directly on top of it in the same tank with no need to clean the tank or fuel lines.

Please note:

  • This is a heating fuel and will not run an engine.
  • IHO is a fully rebated oil for excise duty purposes.

Industrial Heating Oil Data Sheet

Greenox amble banner
This is an additive needed by certain diesel engine vehicles to reduce exhaust emissions to the acceptable levels required by law.

We sell AdBlue® in non-returnable 205ltr drums and 1000ltr IBCs and can also supply all relevant pumps.

We are a Greenox Authorised Distributor of AdBlue® and can offer advice and help on your AdBlue® needs.

AdBlue® Data Sheet

Boiler Additive

Add this supplement to your home heating oil tank before you fill it, to aid the burn of your central heating boiler or AGA style cooking range.

Lube Oil
We are authorised distributors of Morris Lubricants. We offer a vast range of commercial, agricultural and industrial lubricating oils and greases available in 25ltr cans, 205ltr drums and 1000ltr IBCs.

We can offer advice on the best oil for your needs, contact us to discuss or click below.

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